Saturday, 3 October 2015

Ivanpah Solar-Thermal Power Plant

I'd read about this solar-thermal power plant, the largest of it's type in the world,
just before the Nevada border,
and was surprised to find it so close to the highway.

 (Typical traffic on the I-15)

The sunlight is reflected by a field of mirrors up to those towers,
where the heat generates steam to run turbines.

 It's surreal the way the concentration of light makes the air seem to glow.
Sure is an interesting space age experiment, but it is just an experiment......
Lots of problems hindering efficient production, and lots of incinerated birds....
Solar panel farms are shaping up to be much more cost efficient.....

 I had long dreamed of flying around that plant,
but the maps didn't show any airfields near enough.
Then when I got here I found this unoccupied clay pan right nearby.
So was very excited about a perfect chance for an off-field flying adventure.

However, while unloading the aircraft I broke the tail wheel axle,
and the tail of the aircraft fell and severely damaged the rudder....
so no chance to fly here after all.....
Very disappointing........
So just loaded up again and headed east,
wondering where I could find a suitable welder,
and could I repair the rudder??

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