Monday, 5 October 2015

Misc Southern California

A typical truck stop along the I-5
Lots of fuel and food for travelers. 
There are about 70 trucks in these two truck stops.
I once camped in a truck stop with 90 trucks parked , 
most idling their engines all night to run airconditioning....
Way to noisy for me, rather be alone in the desert.

Tiny boxes, tiny boxes, all made of tickytac, and they all look just the same.....
A very cramped suburb, probably retired people.

The amount of tree growth shows the age of each part of the suburb

Edwards Air Force base,
where many new military aircraft are tested, and the space shuttle landed.

Suburbs and more suburbs....

Of course, golf courses get some water priority,

The water restrictions mean that there are a lot of brown lawns these days.
The color has now been officially designated 'California Gold',
to put a better spin on it.

Solar and wind power plants in the Antelope Valley.
This alternate power is really taking off here now.

'Little Boxes, little boxes', each with their own little pool.....

The I-15 snaking down into the LA basin,
Under that cloud of smog......

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