Sunday, 11 October 2015

Tehachapi wind farms, California

Finally on the road, and a favorite road.  Across the desert, past Mojave and Edwards Air force base, headed for Tehachapi.

Large wind farms here, over 5000 turbines around here.
They had to build a special power line to carry all that power to Los Angeles.

Up in the Tehachapi Mtns lots more wind turbines.
Lots of wind up here so they're working nearly all the time.

There's a steady 'rushing' sound from the wind blowing through all those propellers, 
but these locals must be used to it.

One 'alternative' source of power......

Those are some of the first windmills, installed 30 or more years ago,and still working.
They're tiny compared to the giants being installed these days.

Old fencing and new windmills.......

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