Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Cairo, IL

Flying from Mississippi County airfield.

The town of Cairo, Illinois (pronounced Kay'-ro hereabouts) is at the confluence of the 
Mississippi and the Ohio Rivers.
The Ohio entering from the right,
is much larger by volume  than the Mississippi.

This junction is much mentioned in Huck and Jim's raft trip down the river,
because the objective for Jim was to get to Illinois, on the Ohio side,
which was a 'Free State' at this time, where he could be free from slavery.
But they missed the junction in the night and had to continue down the river,
because they couldn't turn a raft around and go upstream......

Lots of barge traffic on the river downstream from Cairo...

Patterns on the ground show many old courses of the wandering river...

Some folk reckon that the Grangerford's place, mentioned in Huck Finn's adventure,
would have been somewhere just south of here.,
but too much threatening cloud for me to fly farther that way today.....

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