Sunday, 30 August 2015

Now the river is getting really interesting!

Flying from Cassville, Wisconson.

You couldn't find an airstrip any closer to the river,
and really quiet, all to myself......

Finally the river is big enough for barge traffic.

It was fascinating to watch this barge maneuver into the lock.
It was very carefully and precisely done,
but I guess once you've done it hundreds of times......
There are 29 such dams and locks between Minneapolis, and St Louis.
The dams are placed to maintain at least 9 feet of depth for the barges.
It looks like they'll have to split the barges to fit in.
It was a slow maneuver, 
and I didn't have enough fuel to stay any longer....
Here's another lock,
and they've split the tow and warped the front portion through the lock,
and now the rear section is preparing to enter.

 The John Deere factory at Dubuque, Iowa
It's enormous!
And of course it has to be, for all of the 'green machinery' we see everywhere.
When I fly over agricultural country I notice all the yellow wheels that I see down there.

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