Sunday, 13 September 2015

Lake Wobegon Country

Driving from Maple Lake, Minnesota.  (which could very well be a sister town to Lake Wobegon)

I've been a diligent fan of Garrison Keillor 
and his Prairie Home Companion radio programs for 30 yrs,
spent many enjoyable Saturday evenings listening to the broadcasts in Australia, 
and now on the internet.
St Paul Minnesotta is the home of the show,
and I just happened to be nearby for the street party after the show last night.
Great fun, tune in on the internet and listen!
Enjoy the mellow, gentle, and brilliant humour.
The stories are based on the people living in the little town of Lake Wobegon, Minnesota.
Can't find such a town on the map, but several small towns could match.....
"...Where the women are strong, the men are good looking, and the children above average...."

Garrison Keillor enthralling the crowd.....

I really like all of Minnesota life and culture.
The lowest unemployment rate in all the USA, only about 4%,
so they do something right.
Very industrious and hard working people, educated and smart as well, 
good at solving situations and getting it done, instead of just squabbling....
It's so much like the people where I was raised in Alberta Canada.
In his stories, Garrison claims that long, hard winters are good for people,
and he might just be right!

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